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Things To Do/Know Before Starting or Choosing A Career In The Video Industry

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Choosing a career in the video industry is as varied as the books in a library. There are so many different aspects and avenues to choose from, everything from animation or special effects to filming, lighting, editing, and directing. One can find a rewarding career in all of those aspects or more.

As experts in the industry, Early Rising Productions wants to keep you informed about what it takes to be prepared to enter the video industry. This is why we have written down information that can help get you started.

Various ways to increase your skills

It’s great to learn the basics of video inside the safety of a high school, college, or university. But you’ll also need to get some hands-on experience as well. This can be everything from projects you do for school and your first job experience after education. Once you find a career path inside the wide landscape of the video industry, there are countless ways to increase your skills and supplement your knowledge. You can find many online and in-person classes and training that will delve into specific aspects of your role in the larger video industry.

How to be successful in the video industry

Just as in art, there are foundations of classic movie-making skill sets and talents you will learn and acquire and discover. However, once you know those, the great thing about media is that you don’t need to follow the rules. The only question is, will you have a unique success by not following the rules, or will it be something you abandon? Nine times out of ten, you will start at the bottom of whatever path you decide to take in the industry.

While you might take a few jobs that only pay in experience, you should request to be compensated somewhat for your time and effort. It won’t be enough to live on at first, but over time, you’ll gain the respect and skills needed to move up, and the pay increase will follow. Additionally, everyone enjoys working with people who have a good attitude, are hard-working, accept compliments and criticism, and work well with others.

In this industry, you need to be flexible in your work. Most people in the video industry enjoy the work they do, and so should you. Your imagination for growth only limits you. However, the right time and place don’t hurt either. If you freelance, a great benefit is the flexibility of your time. Flip the coin, and that is one of the biggest drawbacks as well. There is a great amount of uncertainty in freelancing. Will I have enough clients? Will I have enough money? How do I get more work? I have too much work and have to turn down offers? Having absolute consistency is difficult, so be prepared to be flexible and understandable. We at Early Rising Productions would love to train anyone interested in learning more about freelancing in the video industry.

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