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A Beginner’s Guide To Looking Great On A Webcam

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In today’s world, communication is becoming more and more remote. Think about it, two decades ago, we relied on fixed-line telephones, progressed to cellular phones that could just call and send texts, and now are face timing each other and communicating with people across the globe, instantaneously and almost for free.

This said, webcams are not precisely like phone cameras, and their use tends to be more for professional purposes like meetings and client interactions. To help you look great on your webcam or zoom meetings and have video chats that are clear and fulfill their given purpose, Early Rising Productions has formulated a Beginner’s Guide to help you. We have created this guide to help individuals and businesses new to this technology look their best on video chats, succeed, communicate, and grow.

Getting Started
Set up lighting: 
Lighting is essential to all photography and video productions. Similarly, when setting up your webcam, you should remember to keep your lights shining on your face and directly in front of you. Making mistakes in this department can cause your webcam to appear dark and visibility to be poor.

Place your webcam correctly: After you’ve decided on the perfect spot for your webcam and considered lighting, you should ensure that your laptop, computer, or webcam is at eye level and you fit comfortably within the frame. You can use stacks of books if you need to place your webcam higher.

Tidy the area: As crucial as lighting and placement are, so is your choice of background. It is wise to pick a tidy spot with minimal background distractions, so your audience’s attention is always on you and not on your messy background. Cleaning up beforehand is a great idea.

Consider audio options: Finally, audio plays a significant role in the outcome when using your webcam for meetings and even just for social communication. You see, no matter how good your lighting and set are, if your audience cannot hear you clearly, your message can become muddled and unclear. So, it is best to remember, if you’re in a quiet place, you can use your webcam, but if you’re in a public, noisy place, consider a set of headphones with a built-in microphone.

Advice From The Pros
Ultimately, with a professional external video and lighting setup, and studio audio, you will look and sound better than anyone else. That said, these simple tricks could help you look the best at home on your computer.

Remember, if you don’t succeed on your first attempt, try, try and try again. Also, people forgive you if your web chat doesn’t look its best, but appreciate the time and effort you put into making the interaction as seamless as possible.

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