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Purchasing Video Equipment Vs. Hiring A Professional

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In today’s world, for businesses and brands to thrive, they need to maintain an online presence with engaging content. And, the most appealing form of content on social media today is videos. High-quality video content in particular, is what draws more engagement from targeted audiences. While the necessity of video production is a given, how you choose to go about the project depends on several factors.

You see, if you’re looking to leverage the benefits of eye-catching videos to boost your business, there are two options for you to choose from. You could go out and purchase video equipment on your own and attempt DIY videography solutions, or you could hire a professional video production firm that will come in and take care of everything. Both options come with unique advantages and disadvantages, but if you haven’t attempted something like this before, you may be unaware of which route to take. To help make your decision easier, Ryan Romkema at Early Rising Productions has compared the pros and cons of purchasing video equipment vs. hiring a professional to produce video content.

A. Purchasing video equipment
When planning a video, you could just decide how much you want to spend, which camera you’d like to purchase, and then go out and buy the equipment, ensuring you have it ready whenever you need it. However, you must remember that just having the tool (a camera) doesn’t equate to knowing how to use it. Additionally, your money is tied up in a camera, and you might find you don’t have the time or focus to do the expense justice.

B. Hiring a professional
On the other hand, in most cases, hiring a professional will come at a cost lower than that of just the camera. They will likely know the ins and outs of videography and come with lights, audio, and other tools to elevate your video to the next level. Another advantage of hiring a professional videography firm is, you don’t have to worry about storage or maintenance of video equipment which can be expensive and cumbersome.

Disadvantages or cons of going with a professional include the possibility that the cost of several videos may eventually equal or exceed the costs had you purchased your own camera. Additionally, you have to rely on someone else every time you’d like to make a video.

Bottom line
In the end, according to us, purchasing video equipment might suit those looking for a short, straightforward, and quick video. Whereas hiring a professional is best for someone who realizes video is not their strong skill. They also understand the importance of videos, value their potential in bringing in new clients, and want the project to be stress-free and fun.

When deciding on which route is best for you, remember your choice should reflect the size of your company, the market for the video, and your vision and requirements for the project to avoid wasting time and resources.

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