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How To Create A Video For Your Business

Author: Early Rising Productions | | Categories: Cinematography , Corporate Video Production , Video Editing Services


The average person spends more time watching videos online than reading text or looking at images. It’s the easiest and most popular type of content to consume because it’s so much easier to watch a video about a topic than read about it. Also, it’s the most powerful and versatile medium to communicate a message and engage an audience (second to live communication).

However, despite all these perks that come with pushing video content online, making videos is still commonly intimidating to the average person. Ease of access to online video tools has made it much easier to produce engaging videos, even on a startup budget. Despite this, there are still many preconceptions and fears when it comes to creating a video for the first time. To help you get through these obstacles, the experts at Early Rising Productions have written down three key points on how to create a video for your business. These points will help you overcome your challenges and get a headstart in making a video that is perfect for your business.

1. Keep the message simple
Understand that most people will see your video on a cell phone. So, keep your video message simple because short videos are preferred when browsing through content on cellular devices. Also, short videos have a bigger impact than long videos. Even if your business has many great things about it, try to highlight just a few of these factors and invite your audience to explore more via your website.

2. Have a professional film your video
Try not to bother yourself with the technical details involved in creating professional videos, as professionals know them best. Moreover, they have the best cameras, lights, and mics to capture stunning, vivid content. That way, you don’t need to invest in these items when you work with a professional videographer. Moreover, it’s their job to make the process easy and think about all the video aspects and challenges that will be involved.

3. Use your resources wisely
Would you like to have more than one short video? With proper scheduling and planning, you can shoot various videos over the day that can be applied to multiple videos. You could ask many questions in your interview that can apply to different types of videos. Maybe think about two days of filming if you can budget it. You could assign one day for all the interviews and one day for all the B-roll footage.

If you are looking for a video production company in Chapel Hill, NC, then reach out to Early Rising Productions. I’m Ryan Romkema, and I run the company as a head videographer, video editor, and producer. My company has over twenty years of experience in helping clients reach their goals. From concept to deliverables, each client’s needs are unique, and I am ready to help them in every way possible. My team and I are here to see your vision become a reality. I offer services like video production, videography, video editing, and video equipment to clients across Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Greensboro, Cary, Roxboro, High Point, Oxford, Henderson, Burlington, Hillsborough, Wake Forest, Pittsboro, Asheboro, Sanford, Carthage, Fuquay-Varina, Lillington, Smithfield, North Carolina, Danville, Virginia, and beyond. Visit my website to learn more or contact Early Rising Productions today!

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