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Looking Ahead At What’s To Come In The Video Production Industry

Author: Early Rising Productions | | Categories: Video Production Company , Video Production Services , Videography

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The pandemic has set in motion several changes across various industries, including video production. As the pandemic has altered operations and communication in our sector, many industry leaders are expecting certain trends to stay and perhaps even evolve over time. At Early Rising Productions, I have observed new behaviors among clients, which points to three very fruitful possibilities for the future of video production. I’ve covered these expectations in this blog, along with an explanation of why I think they will come to be and how they will impact clients and the industry.

1. Online focus and appearance will become more important
As the world is adapting to online interactions and the exposure it provides, focusing on one’s online presence and appearance will become vital. Businesses and brands will reach out to video companies via online means and will request to conduct most of the pre-production via online tools (like Zoom, MS Teams, etc.) instead of having to come into some office or production company headquarters. They will only have to meet for the day of production with having everything before and after handled online.

In my opinion, with more of the process being handled online, clients are already benefiting. This is especially from the point of communication with online resources like Zoom, MS Teams, Google Hangouts, etc. It saves them travel time, allows different teams on their end to meet with the production company in one quick space, and is very efficient in saving time.

From our perspective, Early Rising Productions will be able to adapt well to this trend. As a company that can handle pre-production, filming, and post-editing, we will be a great fit for many businesses looking for a video production company that is easy to work with and can be easily communicated with via online tools (Zoom, Skype, and other apps). This makes the prediction of increased online focus a beneficial one for everybody involved.

2. Conferences may continue to be online
With conferences pivoting to online platforms, many organizations see the global reach and benefit of hosting conferences online. It reduces the cost of attendees’ travel and hotel stay, and it allows them to watch already recorded videos later that have taken place live. It also enables them to watch more videos over time, in the comfort of their homes, instead of not being able to watch them at all.

The conference hosts will be able to continuously innovate to produce better content every time they proceed with online conferences. Cleaning up all the pre-lecture slide testing, mic checking, eliminating in-session computer or PowerPoint problems, and finishing the video with a company logo will elevate their videos to the next level. It will also enhance the viewer’s experience and engage more people to participate next time.

As you can see, the potential value of recording and publishing videos after an event can’t be underestimated. I think this opens up a new line of business for both the organization to provide a service and revenue for them, as well as an opportunity for Early Rising Productions to help edit and produce finished videos for these organizations. It also gives us an opportunity to create a unique category of videos of clients.

Overall, this trend, if it picks up, and will be positive for everyone. People can watch videos after the event (or watch them live without physically going to the event), clients can even charge an event fee for viewers to see their live videos, and Early Rising Productions can be there to either film, edit, or do both for these events.

3. Video production demand will rise again
With more people getting out of their homes and mask mandates lifting, more companies are returning to produce videos either for their internal or external use. Similarly, it has been a long stretch since companies have been able to do videos, and they might have outdated information or videos on their website. Production companies like mine are ready to help them freshen up their website or add new videos to their website. As restrictions have eased in recent times, producers across the country have eased their way back to shooting in studios and on location. Because of the changes and limitations necessary to protect people’s health and safety, the production process is still far from having returned to normal. However, during quarantine, due to the need to work remotely, people have realized that video can be successful, and a lot of different workflows and technologies have been set up to make production possible.

The COVID-19 crisis has created an imperative for companies to reconfigure their operations and created an opportunity to transform them. To the extent that they do so, greater productivity will follow. Growth technologies and usage verticals have shown sharp progression over recent years, and some have even progressed as a direct result of the pandemic. This can only benefit the industry as a whole as more people look for companies to help them produce their videos. The future is looking bright, and Early Rising Productions can’t wait to help create more videos.

If you are looking for a video production company in Chapel Hill, NC, then reach out to Early Rising Productions. I’m Ryan Romkema, and I run the company as a head videographer, video editor, and producer. My company has over twenty years of experience in helping clients reach their goals. From concept to deliverables, each client’s needs are unique, and I am ready to help them in every way possible. From Fortune 500’s and corporate interviews to documentaries, promotional, and beyond, my team and I are here to see your vision become a reality. Visit my website to learn more or contact Early Rising Productions today!

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