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How To Make A Quick Video

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If you need to make a short video or trailer for an upcoming business event, you might consider doing it yourself. The DIY approach can create an authentic feel and save money on having to call in the professionals. Besides, to get your message out there, all you need is a phone with a high-quality camera, and you’re good to go. Consequently, if you’re planning to go solo, read on to learn a few helpful tips from the experts at Early Rising Productions about how to make a quick video.

1. Location, Location, Location
Select a quiet place, away from crowds or loud noises. It will ensure that the subject is comfortable and that there are no unnecessary distractions.

2. Talk to the wall
Choosing the right background is vital to ensure that the proper focus is maintained throughout the production. So, have the subject stand against a brick wall or a solid-colored indoor wall.

3. Audio clarity counts
While filming the video, use your phone and stand as close as you can so the microphone has the least distance to travel to your subject. This will ensure that there is better sound clarity.

4. Popularize the video
Once the video is completed and cleaned up, upload it on your company website or YouTube channel immediately and share the link with your employees so that it can receive maximum attention.

We hope these steps will help you to create a captivating short video to entice your audience. For more incredible tips on how to make a quick video, reach out to Early Rising Productions.

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