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COVID-19 And The Changes That Were Taking Place

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The changes that were taking place in light of the pandemic were quite confusing for most people. In the initial days of the pandemic, people were unsure of getting through with the pandemic because they could not leave their houses for the most part. The Government was constantly implementing regular national lockdowns, and people were unsure about how they were going to get through because they could only leave their homes for groceries, medical supplies and essential services.

Businesses and companies were unsure about meeting their deadlines and targets, and they were talking about how the changes would impact them. Across the world, companies and businesses were letting go of large numbers of their employees because they had to downsize. It was challenging to keep up with staff with many working remotely, which meant they would constantly face challenges and distractions. According to one report, companies were seeing a significant decrease in productivity through remote working.

Additionally, while some jobs could be handled remotely, others had to wait for the raising of restrictions if they were planning on leaping. Industries like videography, hospitality, construction and many others had no option. People were not too excited about meeting one another in person, especially with the chances of the virus spreading and others catching it through meetings. Photography and videography were now put on hold with people not leaving their house for the most part. There were a couple of projects we were working on, and we could edit them remotely, which is what we were doing for the most part.

If we have to predict the changes that will take place over the upcoming six months, we do not foresee things and situations being significantly different. We still think that people might be afraid to work with someone on a video project and would consider putting off doing so. Throughout the pandemic, we were quite fortunate to work on editing along with filming. We had to work interchangeably, so when filming slows down, editing picks up.

Communication is significant, and we had to make changes to the processes that we were following. We spend a little more time with the client over the phone talking logistics, so we make the best use of our time in person on the event date. In the past, we could have conversations in person, which made explaining a lot easier, but the new changes meant we could not meet, which led to an increase in phone calls and text message conversations. While we were making changes to the process, a few aspects of our work stayed constant. We did not make any changes to our work schedule because we did not want people to find it challenging to coordinate with us. We are always available to our clients and are happy to be working with them.

As mentioned earlier, we would have liked to remote work, but filming is in person, but I have a few more clients unable to travel due to flight and COVID-restrictions. We do not have to work from an office or studio, but I handle most of my work from home, making it a lot easier. Additionally, all the shoots we were handling were in person, and we had to stop working on those because of the pandemic. The clients started working remotely, and I can deliver the footage via high-speed internet, which is the best way to communicate with them under the current circumstances.

With childhood education now switched to remote learning, having my children at home has been quite a change and, in some aspects, challenges. We have to find a balance between work and leisure, and many people already managed to work it out. We do not have many restrictions to the meeting, however, we make sure the people we are coordinating with follow the social etiquette and the rules implemented by the Government. When we interact with clients in the field, we also make it a point to wear a mask. We also make sure we maintain social distance whenever possible.

Being in the videography and production line of work, I do not share confidential data, and the information does not have to be particularly encrypted. Any videos I produce and share, and first shared privately via private links or unlisted links. The client, in turn, decides when to release videos and what they would like to do with the content. I used Zoom and Microsoft teams to meet clients before filming and am open to any process that a client wishes to interact and discuss the project with me. We also use email, phone calls, text messages and WhatsApp when communicating with our clients.

I wear masks at all times and maintain social distance whenever possible. However, if you review our process, we are usually only near a client when placing a mic. Otherwise, everything that we handle takes place from a distance. 

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