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Why DIY Video Productions Are A Bad Idea

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If you envision expanding your business or doubling your revenue, you need to expand your reach by investing in new marketing techniques. One of the most effective means of marketing today is through short, impactful videos. These videos boost conversions, market shares, and deliver sizeable returns on investment.

At the same time, promotional videos cost serious money to produce, which often inspires businesses to create DIY videos to save on costs. Unfortunately, DIY video productions take up too much time and energy as they require skill. Similarly, the equipment necessary to make videos is expensive to purchase.

If you still plan to go ahead with the DIY approach, you have a lot to consider before you begin. To give you an idea of the challenges you could face, the experts at Early Rising Productions have explained why DIY video productions are a bad idea.

1. Technical trouble
There are certain technical aspects you need to be aware of when shooting a video to ensure it’s easier to work with during editing and production. Similarly, editing and production software have technical features of their own. If you run into problems or issues with these aspects, you may not know how to fix or overcome them. At the same time, you will not have anyone to turn to for help.

2. Poor environment
When shooting a video, you need to choose an environment that offers the ideal conditions for filming. If you plan to make a video outdoors, you need to ensure the weather is suitable for your needs. In case it is raining, windy or dull, you need to have a backup plan. If you decide to film indoors, you must arrange for lighting and audio equipment.

3. Wastage of resources
It’s easy to go all out with DIY marketing videos as they demand investment in equipment and production software. However, this won’t necessarily make your video look professional. What it will do is waste your resources and cost you an additional sum of money to have a professional redo the whole video. To prevent this, it’s essential to work with an expert right from the start.

Do things right - Hire a professional
Producing impactful videos with stunning picture quality requires experience and a thorough understanding of the profession. Similarly, you need to develop creative skills and possess the right equipment to produce quality content. You must become one with your tools to move efficiently and capture the crucial details.

Trained and experienced video producers possess these requirements and can easily maneuver their tools to create video content that’s striking and influential. Moreover, they are quick and efficient and can produce your content immediately to meet your marketing deadlines. Also, their charges are not as impractical as you think. Most production costs vary depending on the client’s requirements and the complexity involved.

If you’re looking for a video production company in Chapel Hill, NC, reach out to Early Rising Productions. We have over fifteen years of experience in video production and have successfully helped numerous clients with their marketing needs. From concept to deliverables, each client’s requirements are unique, so before we get started on your project, we make sure we are aware of your expectations.

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