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7 of the Most Inventive Uses of Green Screen in Movies

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The art of an innovative chroma key is truly underrated. It can turn a good movie into a great movie. It can take a bad movie and make it tolerable. The idea is simple — use a green screen (sometimes a blue screen), cloth, or paint to composite images together during the post-production process. With most of the big-budget blockbuster tent poles you see in theaters nowadays, you’re bound to see some creative green screen uses taking place. But the truth is, great green screen happens without you ever knowing it.

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Original Article Source Credits: premium beat, https://www.premiumbeat.com/

Article Written By   LOGAN BAKER

Original Article Posted on : FEBRUARY 13, 2020

Link to Original Article: https://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/inventive-green-screen-ideas/

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