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Quality Assurances In The Video And Media Production Industry

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As a leading provider of video and media services based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Ryan Romkema of Early Rising Productions has been in the industry for twenty-plus years. During this time, he has worked on everything from Fortune 500s and corporate interviews to documentaries, promotional, and other expansive projects.

This said, not all video production services are made the same. It’s vital to ensure that you are getting what you pay for and that the quality is the best. To help you find and avail of quality video production services, we have explained a few aspects to look for when seeking video and media services.

1. An eye for detail and a mind for the big picture
As a videographer, a good eye for well-shot video clips and good coverage of an event is crucial. As an editor, I have a good sense of pulling video and audio together in a meaningful and message-driven way that ensures all aspects of the video that my clients desire are presented and delivered in the best possible manner.

2. Technical skills
Similarly, a video that is well composed, visually appealing, has proper color balance, and is pleasing to the eye is what you should be looking for. Editing that is well put together, flows from shot to shot, is well mixed with interviews or dialogue, and has a nice pleasing music bed to help assist the video message.

3. Quality audio
If you had to choose between video or good audio, I would choose good audio. For example, The Blair Witch Project was a 1999 film that was not very well shot but had a compelling story and acceptable audio. The film was a landmark success and even cemented found footage in the horror genre.

4. All-round competence
I think combining good visual footage, well-recorded audio, and well-edited and clear sound determines the overall quality of the video. At Early Rising Productions, I ensure excellence and do not settle for anything less than perfection. Additionally, I can customize a video package that works with your budget.

5. A well-rounded portfolio
Finally, when choosing video editing and production expertise, it is a good idea to check the portfolio of the professional you are considering for the project. I provide many examples of video clips on my website and have multiple clients who can attest to the quality and style of my services.

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